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Andrew Caballero

Electro-Optical Engineer

The Concept

legea apelor 2012legea contabilitatii doc pdflegea 7 2004 actualizata 2011 pdflegea arhivelor nationale acualizata la 2011 Welcome to my professional website. My intention for this site is to create a place where prospective employers can learn a little about me while at the same time giving my professional colleagues a place to find information that may make their lives a little easier.

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legea catalogo 2012legea contenciosului administrativ actualizata 2011 I have had some experience in each of the areas listed to the right, and I continue to do my best to keep track of new advancements and achievements in these areas. I will be posting links and briefings about some of the advancements I find more interesting on this site

This site has only been put up recently and it is still under construction, as such some pages still contain a little gibberish. If there are any questions about me that are not answered on these pages as of the time you look at it feel free to contact me. Due to the nature of the site once all the primary pages are done there will still be constant updates on various topics in the engineering world.

My Professional Interests

Optics/Micro-Electronics/MEMS Devices/Autonomous Systems/Business Administration.